The Circus has come to town!

Introducing Opal Raven's Night Circus, a whimsical dark carnival not for the feint of heart. The core of this event is a circus and sideshow variety act featuring a rotation of artists from near and far. Alongside the entertainment, our host venue Flat Burger Society will have their full menu available, specialty drinks available just for our event, tarot readers, and more!

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Night Circus at Flat Burger Society

Night Circus at Flat Burger Society, featuring Karnevil!

Founded in 2011 and featured in both Weird NJ magazine and The Star Ledger, Karnevil is New Jerseys premiere carnival sideshow experience and is touted globally as "The worlds most dangerous sideshow!" Whether bringing you death defying escapes, astounding acts of skill, classic sideshow fare, ridiculous games, or informative presentations on macabre Victorian subject matter, the Karnevil Krew delivers above and beyond any mortal expectations!

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