The Danger Dame of the Flame

Opal Raven's specialty fire show promises to bring the heat! With over a dozen acts to choose from, shows can range from 10-45 minutes. Opal's signature fire show showcases 7 unique acts in 3 distinct segments (Into to Fire, The Danger Zone, and Big Fire). From mesmerizing and mindboggling fire eating, to the roaring explosive dragon staff (a crowd favorite), Opal's shows are specially curated to bring plenty of fun, excitement, and a touch of danger to your next event.

A Flameless Spectacle

For events that don't (or can't) opt for the heat of fire, Opal Raven is equipped with an arsenal of acts fit for indoor and outdoor stages. Shining and colorful LED light prop spinning, Sword Balancing and tricks, and a number of elegant silk acts are just a few options Opal can provide.

Its Live! Sideshow and Bands

While most of her shows are planned and curated, Opal Raven is also a live improve performer and sideshow artist. She has worked with a number of musicians, performing live on stage with the bands both with fire and without. She is comfortable working with live audiences, unprepared music, and has been used to rally crowds at various events. You can also find her in a number of promotional reels and music videos.