The Danger Dame of the Flame

Opal Raven Cirque is a unique one-woman experience, showcasing a mastery of sword balancing, fire and LED prop spinning, snake charming, dancing, and sideshow charm. Each act developed by Opal is completely customized and curated for the client's event. Opal can curate an event mixing each of these elements, or create an all fire act, using her variety of fire props and acts to create a dynamic show that promises to heat up your event.

A Flameless Spectacle

For events that don't (or can't) opt for the heat of fire, Opal Raven is equipped with an arsenal of acts fit for indoor and outdoor stages. Shining and colorful LED light prop spinning, Sword Balancing and tricks, and a number of elegant silk acts are just a few options Opal can provide.

Opal Raven has also worked with a number of musicians and has performed live with the bands both with fire and without, and has participated in a number of promotional reels and music videos.