The Hissing Booth

Over the centuries, mainstream religion has given snakes a bad rap. But truth is, these slithery creatures are loaded with charm! Come meet Morgana, Smaug, and Thanos, a trio of cold-blooded darlings that will warm your heart at the Hissing Booth. This education station is set up to enlighten the public on the wonders of our reptilian friends, dispelling tired old myths and providing a unique, up-close-and- personal opportunity for patrons to befriend a boa constrictor, ask questions about their fascinating lifestyle, and learn some fun snake facts that will impress your friends. If desired, you'll be able to hold one of our lovelies for a fun-filled photo-op. The Hissing Booth is a special space where snake skeptics will transform into snake lovers and, perhaps, even future snake handlers!