Welcome to the circus!

Opal Raven Cirque is a circus and sideshow performer based in the mountains of Western Massachusetts. She's known across New England and the Tri-State area for her "Danger Dame of the Flame" variety show. Also known as the Sword Queen of Gypsy Layne, Opal showcases masterful sword spinning, daring prop tricks, and some say she can even speak to snakes. Opal Raven's one-woman circus is a unique performance that won't soon be forgotten. 

 Past Venues and Supported Events

Six Flags New England

Massachusetts Historical Society, Eustis Estate

Bromley Mountain

Berkshire Mountain Faerie Festival

Massachusetts Renaissance Faire

Hudson Valley Pirate Festival

Moon Serpent Bone Night Market

Hunters Moonlit Market

Haven Night Club

Its Alive! Downtown Pittsfield

Past Private events


Birthday Parties

Bachelorette/Jack and Jills

Various small variety act shows

Residency with Gypsy Layne Cabaret and Co